10 entrepreneurs to compete for cash, free business services & a spot in the “Will This Float?” Hall of Fame

One of the most highly-anticipated startup events of the year is nearly upon us, folks! Will This Float? 2014 takes place next Tuesday, and the Outdoor Recreation & Sustainability edition is shaping up to be one of our coolest pitch competitions yet.

If our experiences working with founders in Chattanooga’s flourishing startup scene have taught us anything, it’s that great companies often emerge from simple questions. When we invite entrepreneurs to share their ideas in public, all we’re doing is asking them to imagine what’s possible — and then to bring the responses to life.

Some of these concepts will sink and others will float. Startup success is often fluid and unpredictable, but those very elements are what make events like Will This Float? feel as much like a pool party as they are a shark tank.

Our finalists this year are fierce and fabulous. We can’t wait to see who reels in the stellar prize packages awaiting our winners. Check out contenders below and be on hand to vote for your favorite next week!


Meet the Contenders: Outdoor/Sustainability

Chattanooga Sports Leagues – Tommy Travers, Twitter @playCSL

The home for adult sports leagues and events that is a one-stop-shop for field space and equipment with an on-site bar where members can socialize after they play.

Innovasan Corporation – Jeff Hubrig, Twitter @InnovasanCorp

A fluid waste treatment technology platform designed to reduce global water pollution. Innovasan Corporation treats fluid waste streams on site and creates an effluent that is free of biological and organic pollutants. This cost-effective solution is safe for discharge into the environment or municipal sewer systems.

MayFly Coffee – Houston Robertson, Twitter @mayflycoffee

A QuickBrew system for on-the-go coffee for hiking, camping, fishing, and biking that’s ultralite at just 14 grams, perfect for backpacking and travel.

Ramrock Building Systems – David White, Twitter @ramrocknow

Turns construction and industry waste that would otherwise end up in the landfill into a eco-friendly building material.

Sleep in a Tree – Andrew Alms, Twitter @sleepinatree

The first ever Living Building Challenge certified tree houses, located in an old-growth forest, built from salvaged materials, all a short drive from downtown Chattanooga. (Note: This company is pitching but will not compete for prizes.)

Wind River Custom Homes – Jeremy Weaver, Instagram @windrivercustomhomes

Stationary and towable custom-built tiny homes from sustainable building materials that are part of an affordable, eco-friendly lifestyle.

Your Outdoor Family – Jenni Frankenburg Veal, Twitter @JenniVeal

A series of printed guidebooks on topics like waterfall  wonder, fun on the water, science discovery, and off-the-beaten path adventures that would be sold throughout the Southeast.

Meet the Contenders: General Business

Amplify – Tish Calitz

A monthly fitness experience that allows members to take advantage of a wide variety of fitness options, from traditional gyms, cross fit boxes, barre and yoga studios, as well as dance classes, trampoline parks, tennis clubs, and more, keeping people motivated and making exercise fun.

The Baby Flat – Paul Gardner, Twitter @TheBabyFlat

An easy-to-use surface that fits into any vehicle with arm rests to make it easy for caregivers to change baby’s diaper. The flat, cleanable surface is ergonomically friendly and provides a safe, private place to clean up little ones.

Willow Games – Nathan Sturgess, Twitter @willow_games

Applies gameification principles to nonprofit fundraising, in which programmers can monetize their games, nonprofits get donations, and players win cash prizes.


Up for Grabs: This Year’s Prizes

The prize for Best Idea Overall includes a $1,000 cash award, 12 hours of legal consultation with Chambliss Startup Group, 10 hours of accounting consultation with Henderson, Hutcherson & McCullough, 10 hours of sustainability consultation with green|spaces, and 1 year of mobile marketing services from Click Click Boom.

The prize for Best Outdoor Recreation & Sustainability Idea is a $250 cash award, 10 hours of legal consultation with Baker Donelson, 10 hours of accounting consultation with Henderson, Hutcherson & McCullough, and 10 hours of sustainability consultation with green|spaces.

The prize for Best General Business Idea will be a $250 cash award, 5 hours of legal consultation and a trademark application with Huisman Law Firm, 10 hours of accounting consultation with Henderson, Hutcherson & McCullough, and 10 hours of sustainability consultation with green|spaces.


See you on Tuesday!

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